Joel Gilardini of The Land of the Snow

The Land of the Snow

The Land of the Snow is a one-man-band and a state of mind of Swiss experimental guitarist Joel Gilardini. The roots of this project are to find at the end of 2009 in a challenging question: “If DJs and electronic-musicians stand alone on stage, why can’t the same be done with a guitar?”

At the beginning of 2010 the first live-activities started and the project was then known under the moniker “The Gila Monster”. After these first concerts (the last of which saw tGM supporting US-prog-metal band Dysrhythmia at Grindwerk, Zurich/CH), J.Gilardini took a break and after a period of inner-seeking and self-discovery, his feeling about the project changed drastically.

Therefore 2011 saw the final birth of The Land Of The Snow!

The music became deeper, more complex, unpredictable and with a higher emotional involvement than ever before. TLotS is intended not only as a musical project, but it’s also as medium to explore and develop oneself inner nature.

In 2012 TLotS started a collaboration with Italian visual artist Petulia Mattioli (who worked with artists such Bill Laswell, Nils Petter Molvear, Eraldo Bernocchi, Thomas Fehlmann, and many more), which resulted in 2 peculiar music videos. During that year, TLotS also started producing its first EP with the technical support of Andi Pupato at the mixing-desk (ex-Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin percussionist). The Belonging To Nowhere EP was finally released in Juny 2013 (on swiss label Altrisuoni) and features for the first time ever some real drums, played by fellow drummer Daniel Schuchter,
and artworks by Karyn Crisis (former singer of Crisis and now Ephel Duath).

The path is still open and The Land Of The Snow is ready for new challenges!