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Transport Aerian2

Transport Aerian is a one man progressive-oriented project led by a multi-instrumentalist Hamlet. It has no strict genre borders, musical or spiritual limits. At the different times, the project had different line ups, and played different kinds of music, yet always staying in the shape of poetic, sharp-edged musical kind. The project’s philosophy is closest to those, calling themselves expressionists in poetry and fine arts, therefore, the musical dimension of emotional expression  is what Hamlet intends to bring via music to whoever who is willing to hear the word said.


The project was founded in 2003 by singer/multi-instrumentalist Hamlet.

It always aimed at the wide area of progressive music, supported by vanguard lyrics. After years of live shows, in 2007, in his own recording studio, Hamlet began working on a conceptual album titled: ‘The Dream’.

The album represented a dark and gloomy mix of progressive rock, trip-hop, ambient and industrial music and was released in march 2008. He recorded all the instruments himself, following the philosophy of strictly individualistic music making approach. The Dream had a good response from the press, several good reviews and good reactions of fans. Hamlet invited his line-up to provide gigs supporting the new album.

After long twist of faith, Hamlet found himself in Belgium during the summer of 2008, where, he started working on a new conceptual album. The album came out to be a dark and artistic mix of different genres such as neo-progressive rock, industrial and avant-garde music but will keep the sound of Transport Aerian as it was known and had the name ‘blessed’.

In 2010 the album ‘Charcoal’ was digitally released, and it was the very first album of the project having the musicians from Hamlet’s live line up present on the album, which made its sound slightly more variable and less authentic, yet it became much more experimental, empowered by other musician’s minds and skills.

After almost 3 years of silence, while Hamlet was taking part in a wide area of other projects (such as, for example, avant-prog extravaganza Fabulae Dramatis), Transport Aerian came back to live with the new progressive-related music piece ‘bleeding’ which is to be released in June 2013.

Transport Aerian sets its aim in creating absolutely new and original atmospheric music.